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White Lotus Restaurant

White Lotus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Project Indochina. All Profit made will be used to fund humanitarian, community development & education programs.Visit our website for more information.

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About Us

Project Indochina originated in 2005 as a private philanthropic venture in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. From this modest beginning, PIC has progressed to become a significant Non Government Organization (NGO) in Vietnam and Cambodia.


The first major achievement of PIC was the development of a hospitality training centre and restaurant in the city of Hoi An, Central Vietnam. At this centre, boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds were trained in hospitality skills in a real work environment. The restaurant building also contained a separate schoolroom, which was used for both hospitality training and extra curricular study for disadvantaged children. Concurrent with this, PIC also provided funding for institutions, education opportunities, medical services, basic living expenses and short term crisis funding for disadvantaged children and their families.  During 2008 the PIC administration office and training facilities were relocated to larger, more functional premises in Hoi An. These new premises also provide secure accommodation and living facilities for full time and short term volunteer workers with PIC. A school for disadvantaged children also takes place here over the two month mid-year summer holiday.


PIC has one full time Australian and three full time Vietnamese staff members. The permanent staff are augmented by Vietnamese, Cambodian and foreign volunteers. Australian staff are not remunerated and pay their own international travel expenses and most living expenses. 


The operational detail and plans of PIC alter according to the ever changing landscape and 

challenges of aid delivery. The operational functions of  PIC are grouped into three classifications. For more information please click onto the links below:




Community development is a fast growing component of the PIC aid program. Currently, PIC is engaged in many small scale, and two major community development projects, one in the Nam Giang district of Quang Nam province, Vietnam and the other at the Chumkriel and Kampong Samrong communes in the Teok Chhu district of Kampot province in southern Cambodia. The Nam Giang project involves 22,000 people, communes, housed in 64 villages and hamlets.Nam Giang is the home of the C’Tu ethnic minority and is one of the most remote areas of Vietnam.
The Chumkriel and Kampong Samrong project will directly benefit 5,500 ethnic Khmer and Cham Muslim inhabitants currently living without clean water and in primitive, unsanitary conditions near the town of Kampot.


Project Indochina is an incorporated association and licensed charity in Australia. It is a non political, secular organization that receives no government aid in any form and relies totally on corporate and private donation to function.

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