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White Lotus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Project Indochina. All Profit made will be used to fund humanitarian, community development & education programs.Visit our website for more information.

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The key to capacity building is education. 





Frequently, there is disproportionate weighting given to high student achievement in marginal subject matter. Traditional teaching methods remain in use while modern, more inclusive techniques are not being adopted.


Contemporary teaching models are frequently ignored in the quest for favourable statistical outcomes.


The majority of school children attend private tuition classes. Not surprisingly, attendance at such classes by children from disadvantaged backgrounds is lower than that of their wealthier peers. This, when combined with the likelihood of relatively inferior psychological wellbeing, and other factors, serves only to skew the positive education outcomes across the socio-economic spectrum in favour of children of families of greater household wealth.


Male children from poor backgrounds are less likely to attend school regularly, because the immediate effect of the labour that the child can provide to the benefit of the family income will be seen to outweigh the longer term benefit of education. Similarly, young females from disadvantaged backgrounds are frequently absent from school because they are required to either provide direct labour, or care for younger siblings while parents work.


The Project Indochina education aid programs attempt to address these and other issues that are impediments to a good education outcome for a greater number of children, whose life circumstances would have otherwise led to little or no education at all.



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