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White Lotus Restaurant

White Lotus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Project Indochina. All Profit made will be used to fund humanitarian, community development & education programs.Visit our website for more information.

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How we have used donor money to help 

the poor and disadvantaged in Vietnam & Cambodia

during 2010/2011/2012/2013



We have


                                                 Constructed 36 new houses

Installed 35 water purification plants in schools, hospitals and kindergartens

Installed a hospital waste water treatment plant

Laid 4 km of water pipe

Drilled 3 deep water bores

Installed 8 water storage tanks

Constructed 34 community toilets

Supplied 20 computers

Supplied 4 bicycles

Supplied 1 school bus

Provided 127 full scholarships

Funded and provided supplementary education for more than

1550 children

Funded education support for 475 children

Provided oxygen equipment for a child with VSD (hole in the heart)

Provided wheelchairs for 4 children

Funded medical procedures (including cardiac surgeries) for 36 people

Provided palliative care

Provided income generation (business start up) grants for 3 people

Retired the debts for 3 families

Provided financal assistance for 20 families in distress

Funded capital equipment, works or improvements to 7 institutions

Restructured and funded a rehabilitation centre for 135 children with disabilities

Funded the training of 13 physiotherapists

Funded and equipped 1 school

Provided grants and other assistance to 2 orphanages

Funded the transport of 6HIV positive children to HCMC for treatment

Arranged the sponsorship of 4 families 

Commenced 2 pilot agricultural projects in disadvantaged comminities

Provided free medical treatment, medicines, health & hygiene education for 1,800 people

Provided free dental treatment for 120children

Funded, equipped and managed a permanent medical clinic, doctors and nurses

Funded and managed a pharmacy

Funded 10 community health workers

Provided free medical consultations for over 850 school children

Provided school uniforms and class equipment for 20 children

Carried out baseline medical and socio economic research in 7 locations

Assisted in the conduct of 2 primary assessment medical clinics in remote areas

Facilitated cataract surgeries for 53 people




Medical clinic in Kampot, Cambodia                                      Summer school 2013


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