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White Lotus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Project Indochina. All Profit made will be used to fund humanitarian, community development & education programs.Visit our website for more information.

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What we do

A volunteer story - Anne Naismith



In July 2006, Anne Naismith received the terrible news that she had breast cancer. A lumpectomy was carried out immediately, followed by 6 months of intense chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Among the myriad thoughts and emotions Anne must have experienced following diagnosis, she made a personal commitment that, upon recovery she would use her teaching skills to help disadvantaged children.

Twelve months later, during a trip to Vietnam, Anne, together with a group of teacher friends visited Hoian, where they heard about the Dao Tien Restaurant, which at the the time was owned and operated by Project Indochina as a working restaurant and hospitality industry training center for disadvantage young people. After speaking with people at the restaurant and reading about the work of Project Indochina, Anne decided that this was the opportunity for her commitment to be fulfilled. She was fully

                                        supported by husband John and children Lucy and Ben.



                                                                                                                               Mar 2014

A determined girl


 Lien is a 17 year old girl. She studies in grade 12 and is the oldest sister of two siblings. Six years ago, her family experienced a lot of hardship. Lien's father passed away from stomach cancer. Within one year of his death, her mother developed a brain tumor. Since then, Lien has become the sole provider and backbone of the family. Read more to learn more about how Lien overcame her problems and looks after her mother, her siblings and her self.





                                                                                          Jan 2014



Small changes that have made a huge difference in one child’s life


Trung is the oldest kid in our Dien Tho Rehabilitation center (DTRC). He is now 17 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy. Trung lives at home with his father and mother. His father has had a stroke and is partially paralyzed on his left side. His father is unable to work, and his mother works every day on the farm. Trung had an older sister who died four years ago. His older brother works as a builder in Ha Noi. His visits to Trung’s family are dependent on his building work and the weather.

Read More...                                                           Jan 2014



Congratulations Linh on your wonderful achievement


Two years ago Project Indochina referred a young boy by the name of Linh to STREETS International, an organisation that train disadvantaged children to become chefs or waiters. Linh graduated in August 2012 and was recently given the opportunity to travel to New York on 1st May to attend the STREETS Annual Event. He would never have dreamed that he would get to travel outside of Hoi An, let alone to the other side of the world. Read More....                                                                                                                      May 2013



The warming house


PIC was introduced to quite a popular case in a nearby rural area by one of our partners,  the People's Committee of Dien Phuong Commune. This is in the Dien Ban district, about 25 km from Hoian.


Her name is Su. Both her mother and father have died so now she has only her younger brother. Eight years ago, she married but didn't complete the marriage registration. After they were married, they lived with her husband's family. He was often drunk and beat her. She had to take her baby to sleep at the school nearby so they would be safe.  


Read More...                                                                     May 2013





A safe place to live 



Yen’s father died in Feb 2011 because of a disease. After that, Yen and her siblings went to live with their grandparents as their mother has a mental illness and cannot look after them by herself. 


The grandparents, who are both nearly 80 years old, now have Yen's mother as well as 3 children to take care of and feed.  Read More...

                                                                                 May 2013




Dien Tho Rehabilitation Centre




The Dien Tho Rehabilitation Centre is located about 30 minutes by motorbike/car from Hoi An. At present we have 16 children at the centre but this ranges from 5 to 9 children per day. The focus of the centre is to provide physical therapy and support for local children with disabilities. 



                                                                        May 2013





About Communes in Kampot, Cambodia


PIC is currently in year two of a five year project in the Kampot province of southern Cambodia, executing a multi faceted aid program, concentrating on the impoverished communes of Chumkriel and Kampong Samrong. These 2 communes are situated approximately 4 km from the town of Kampot.

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Chumkriel Commune


The commune of Chumkriel, covers about 50 square kilometres consisting of four villages, Tropang Thum (Khmer), Samrong (Khmer/Muslim), Kampong Kondal (Muslim) and Chumkriel (Khmer).  The commune is home to 5247 residents including 151 families listed as extremely poor.

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Kampong Samrong Commune


The Kampong Samrong Commune is home to a combination of Muslim and Khmer families and consists of three villages; North Kampong Samrong (Khmer), South Kampong Samrong (Khmer/Muslim) and Tropang Kanchet (Khmer). North Kampong Samrong and South Kampong Samrong are separated by the relatively new and inactive railway connecting Sihanoukville with Phnom Penh.

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The Saltfields 


The south side of the Chumkriel commune is bounded by saltfields. The fields are a desolate, desert like mosaic of rectangular evaporating ponds, varying in colour depending on the evaporation cycle. The expanse is huge and eerily silent, an air of abandonment swirling dust into whirlwinds that dance around the road before dying at your feet.

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